Monday, December 2, 2013


Written on the word 'Smile' for Tarishi Verma on Seven Poem Saturday

The blinding glare of lights
the alienness of make up
the toe curling heels
and the flowing frail dress

show biz, ramps and lime light
the poised shoulders
those confident strides
flashes, bashes, raves and riots

only room service saw them
the blots of kohl on your pillow my love
and some, saw them too
the blades, the drops of blood my love

in feast who saw your hungry eyes?
like the beast or the beauty disguised
forever in the lumps of your throat
forever under the mascara and coat

forever you buried your dreams alive
"but im living' the dream"
living in a dream

leaving...but for now
toss those hair
cross your legs on the chair
look me in the eye...and smile



  1. Wow! Beautiful lines. I can identify with the 'click' ;)
    Keep smiling :)

  2. I have a feeling, I have read this before. This is good poetry!! Keep penning. :-)


  3. @lishu thankyou :)
    @aaqib :)
    @Navin ji might have shared with you on whatsapp :)

  4. Whoa. You leave me dumb, but then, that's only natural.

    For some reason, this took me back to Coelho's Winner Stands Alone.

  5. :) thankyou Saumya tum kaunsa kamm ho?
    and my god I'm being put in the same thought line as Coelho!
    must pat myself on the back :D

  6. How gracefully you took me behind the limelight and such easy topic given such a realistic touch! but then, am not surprised cos you always write out of the box! :) Reading you is a bliss!

  7. Aavika, you pocket sized sunshine! so much appreciation from you makes me the happiest. :* thank you