Monday, December 5, 2011

Your daughter of nineteen

Soon I will leave,
soon the arrangement
will be done
soon I will be told
the search has begun
i am quiet a something
i write and dance and sing
in your eyes though I'm seen
just a daughter of nineteen
your son bothers you not
in the colors of his skin
but i bother you much
your daughter of nineteen
and so you make your plans
and provide in every way
pedicures, jewels and henna
with silks in colors gay
know you not this determines me
to use this half a decade
to make me a son on the terms
suited to the world's fancy facade
thought i we were different
thought i, i had my share too
your wisdom, knowledge i doubt not
i know he shall surely be
"one hell of a guy" as they say
my torment is that you see
not having the choice of my way
not the choice of who he shall be
but the choice of him to be
...or not to be