Monday, December 2, 2013

Catch 22

Written on the word 'Paradox' for Fatima Mohsin on Seven Poem saturday

For all the lies that I told baby
and all the nights new and old baby
for all the times I thought of reasons
for my innumerable treasons
for all the times you found my phone
and raided it when you were alone
for the man in your room that night
and for whenever you asked whats right?
"if not this then what's right?"
for your sleepless precious nights
spent on my empty pillow, ruthless fights
there's but one reason ringing true
you're mine... you're my catch twenty two


  1. :-) Hehe. Good one! Am led to believe that the "double bind" can also be converted to "double win" than a "no win" situation. Change the game.

  2. :D no binds here nave ji :)