Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Geyser Gaatha

Unhone kaha "cool"
Maine kaha cool nahi cold tha
Vo pani jiss se aaj nahaana pada
Geyser kharaab tha aur college jaana tha
isiliye thande paani se kaam chalaana pada

Toh bole itni sardi mei thanda paani?
Ek din bina nahaae chalaa leti
Maine kaha sard neend badi ziddi hoti hai
Cutting chai ko bhi sulaa deti
Subah subah hosh bhulaa deti

Bole, Kuch garm piya tha uske baad?
Pi lena tha sardi lag jaegi
Maine kaha kuch der dhoop mei chali thi
Hatheli se hatheli garmaai thi
andar bujhti lau maine thande paani se jalaai thi.

Phir pucha, acha baaki din kaisa tha?
Vo tumhari dost...milne aayi thi?
Maine kaha ab din dhall gaya hai sone do
aur nahi...aaj phir sham akele sulgaai thi.
Phone toh rakh diya, par aaj bhi mujhe neend kahaan aayi thi.

Mujhe message kiya unhone,
tum jhooth bolna chor do na, tumhe aata nahi
Maine kaha, so jao kal tumhe jaana haina kahin?
tumse mujhe tanng kiya bina
bhala kyu rahaa jaata nahi?

Jawaab aaya, akele matt raha karo
log sath ho toh acha lagta hai
Galaa kas gaya, toh maine kaha
Pataa hai? aj mess mei kadhi bani thi
tum hote toh sath mei khaate, sahi bani thi

Bole baat matt badlo, batao kya hua?
mann kiya likh dun baat toh aap badal rahe hain
seh na paae jo bayaan hua?
par offline chali gayi, kaha na gaya
Agli subah phir Geyser se rahaa na gaya

Mujhe phir college jaana tha,
phir thande paani se nahaana pada

Monday, December 2, 2013


Written on the word 'Smile' for Tarishi Verma on Seven Poem Saturday

The blinding glare of lights
the alienness of make up
the toe curling heels
and the flowing frail dress

show biz, ramps and lime light
the poised shoulders
those confident strides
flashes, bashes, raves and riots

only room service saw them
the blots of kohl on your pillow my love
and some, saw them too
the blades, the drops of blood my love

in feast who saw your hungry eyes?
like the beast or the beauty disguised
forever in the lumps of your throat
forever under the mascara and coat

forever you buried your dreams alive
"but im living' the dream"
living in a dream

leaving...but for now
toss those hair
cross your legs on the chair
look me in the eye...and smile


Catch 22

Written on the word 'Paradox' for Fatima Mohsin on Seven Poem saturday

For all the lies that I told baby
and all the nights new and old baby
for all the times I thought of reasons
for my innumerable treasons
for all the times you found my phone
and raided it when you were alone
for the man in your room that night
and for whenever you asked whats right?
"if not this then what's right?"
for your sleepless precious nights
spent on my empty pillow, ruthless fights
there's but one reason ringing true
you're mine... you're my catch twenty two


Written on the word 'Paradise'for the Lovely Nikita Bhaskar on Seven Poem Saturday, I had a lot of fun writing this one thank you bro

they told me about that place,
every book, a different story
and only one thread to tie
to be there you must be good
you must not sin you must not lie

for Paradise has been lost
said a certain pious gentleman
it went down in an apple bite
of one woman's singular 'sin'
Oh sir! I'd call you a fool

If I were to speak my mind
and sir, you'd call me blasphemous
and slash me from behind
you'd call me a cursed witch
and banish me won't you?

like all the women of history
who dare talk back to you
and your twisted authority
when you cut their hair and
locked them up

its then you lost Paradise
but Paradise will once again come
with the 'mighty efforts' of some
'the chosen ones' they say
blessed with freewill too

I've always found this funny
pairing god's word and man's freewill
such a clever ploy for the sinners
the writers of the 'holy' books
for sinners might go to heaven if

its god's divine discretion
but you must not sin if you do
its your deviant divine freewill
and then for sure you're doomed
and forever must you pray

you should bow your head and say
dear lord, for all the spirits murdered
and blood shed in your name
"father, please forgive me for
I know not what I do."

conjuring miracles

Written on the word 'conjuring' for Vikas Chaturvedi on Seven Poem Saturday,
Thankyou, you gave me my first poem on my mother

In days of tiring school games
Lonely lunches and called out names
Only you would know the magic ma
Violet bangles clinking in the steel pots
Eager hands but touch me nots
You gave me love in a platter ma
Only you would cast a spell on me
Undoing all my hurts and fears
Munching away the dried out tears
All along conjuring


Written on the word 'basically' for my darling sonam Revankar on Seven Poem Saturday

Its about who you are
no its about what you want to be
its about what you see
no its about what you want to see
basically its about choice
about how you choose your voice
basically its about the angle
at which you let yourself dangle
to listen and to agree
to this myth called society
you see what you see is what you be
its about how you think you're free
its about choice basically
all about choice basically


Written on the hauntingly difficult word 'I' for Mr. Kamal Bhatnagar sirji for Seven Poem Saturday.
This poem is the reason it became a seven poem month :D

I have been given a trick
to write about I
about how I see I
From my own eye

I said "aye!
That can't be hard..."


well...lets start


tripy toed wanderer
clumsy crass slanderer
a wide eyed joker kid
boggled in the world she skid
the mad mad world

punju assed fatty
like the sunday aallu patty
sly but never catty
pampered but not bratty
or so I've heard

Scared of the dark
you'll see me walking in the park
with a song on my lips
and dirty nailed finger tips
the not so 'Dilli Walli'

I'm rude and I'm loud
and all of that is a shroud
to hide the buzzing crowd
that resides in my head
the baker and the bread

and this...this is not me
atleast not the one you see
the words unsaid, littered
inked on paper unfiltered
is me, thats how I choose to be


written for Farhan Khan on Seven Poem Saturday-I

ye kamm bada hie hai vichitr
ye hota kabhi na kisi ka mitr
sab bhule baithe iss lafz ko aaj
hue jabse "aur zada" ke mohtaaj

par kamm...haan kamm chalo aaj iski baat karein
vo kamm kamm ke din phir yaad karein
jab zaada ka koi vaada na tha
jo tha vo kabhi aadha na tha

jab panch rupay mei khushiyan milti thi
aur muft ki baarish pe muskaan khilti thi
jab 'i' ka matlab ice cream hota tha
jab armaan bas armaan na bada na chota tha

ab jinke naam bade unke darshan kamm hote hain
aur jinki jeb choti unke darjan kamm hote hain
par ye bade naam vaale kuch zada hie rote hain
dekho choti jeb vaale kaise sukoon se sote hain

koi ek aam ki ek faank mei char dilon ka pyar hai paata
koi thaal bhari aur bade se ghar mei pura aam akele khata
ab aap bataein mai na bolun kya kamm hai aur kya hai zada
ye kamm zada ka maap tol meri weighing machine ko bhi na bhaata

...hum zara...motey haina...kya karein...