Monday, May 14, 2012

Slogging (sleep + blogging)

A lazy morning this, and though it is 5 in the proverbial evening, I call it morning because I just woke up like two hours ago. Thanks to the friend who always remembers I have an exam tomorrow and knows me enough to predict that unless he doesn't call me a few dozen of times before calling my flat mate who would eventually wake me up, this lazy body of mine will continue
claiming its beauty sleep.
Now I just wonder where this lack of motivation comes from, because I am not the cliched 'living-in-my-boxers-body-odor-loving' super woman of the 21st century who can be as un-shaved and couch glued as most of the men out there. No sir, I am or rather used to be the one who'd get up, shower, workout, shower, have breakfast...basically the girl who is so clean and organized it stinks.
But now as I finally look into the mirror I was earlier staring at, I see messy hair, kohl-less bland eyes, eyebrows that need serious threading (lets not talk about the upper lips and stuff like that), feet that would make a cave man's look pedicured, legs clad in the same blue super man boxers since the stone age I think, A body that's shaped like Amoeba under the garfield and odie vest.
And so I know that exams have arrived, which means, less soap, more deodorant. Less milk,more cola. Less sprouts and cereal, more potato chips and cigarettes. Less sleep, more gossip. And of course, less books and more blogging.

Wish me Luck! :)
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