Thursday, August 19, 2010


Drops of a dark night under my eyes
Burning through my soul sore
I do not belong anymore
Sins of a burnt night crawling in my skin

And I rot in the beautiful lie
And I rot I rot I don’t know why
I wasn’t Laura no not her
I wasn’t the cursed one no sir,

Where did it all go astray?
Was this the life you promised me that day?
You were right I’d never imagined this at all,
You were right I’d never dreamt of this at all

Feels like each memory is a thorn through my eyes
Every smile I smiled flows in a red stream through my eyes,
And I don’t know whom to blame
For it is indeed a shame

That a dream like me happened to a nightmare like you
For I was one in a million and trust me so were you,
But if you think you’ve killed me
You’re as wrong as wrong could be.

You think I am dead,no, I’m just burnt from inside
You bruised me then set me up on a fire
Thinking your sin was erased for eternity
Thinking this soul was too dead to bear testimony

But you forgot phoenixes still breathe through their ashes
You couldn’t see the life gleaming through the gashes
Those gashes that you slashed through my skin
You can laugh coz you don’t know but I will win

From my ashes I shall rise, wake up to my afterlife
Eat up the sunshine and Rejoice, the end of strife
Wake up to the life-cleansed of all my sins-anew
A life cleansed of bruises, cleansed of you.

And the drops of this dark dark night
Will remind me of that morning’s flight
That I will take right in your sight
So let me mend my broken wings tonight.