Thursday, October 9, 2014


Well the news and the stories are rife on the net
And the newspapers for all eyes to see,
While we sip our tea and we click our tongues
There are those who say it starts with me

Would you still go on with your daily life?
If you knew of the kid mutilated by knife?
Would the shake of the head so passive be?
If that molested kid was a kin to thee?

Did you know of all those drugged on the street?
To beg, to bleed and do the dirty deed?
When all hope is lost from their nascent eyes
Gouged with a spoon in the broad daylight?

When girls no older than 4 are sold
To the rich for their pedophilic fancies bold,
And even younger are raped and fed to dogs
While the housewife reads and the policeman hogs.

We preach and preach for a better world,
While under the streetlight he lays curled,
That skinny boy with purple skin
Some still know how bright he had been,

The children are a country’s future they say,
But we owe them a debt we have to pay,
A debt of a future as bright as can be,
And to that I say, #ItStartsWithMe.

Every 10 seconds, a report for child abuse is filed, the estimated number of actual abuse cases is three times more than the reported ones.
1.8 million children go missing every year, many abducted from their homes or backyards.

Child abuse is one of the most serious issues ailing our society, pledge to change it, visit the link and help UNICEF eradicate child abuse