Monday, December 2, 2013


Written on the word 'Paradise'for the Lovely Nikita Bhaskar on Seven Poem Saturday, I had a lot of fun writing this one thank you bro

they told me about that place,
every book, a different story
and only one thread to tie
to be there you must be good
you must not sin you must not lie

for Paradise has been lost
said a certain pious gentleman
it went down in an apple bite
of one woman's singular 'sin'
Oh sir! I'd call you a fool

If I were to speak my mind
and sir, you'd call me blasphemous
and slash me from behind
you'd call me a cursed witch
and banish me won't you?

like all the women of history
who dare talk back to you
and your twisted authority
when you cut their hair and
locked them up

its then you lost Paradise
but Paradise will once again come
with the 'mighty efforts' of some
'the chosen ones' they say
blessed with freewill too

I've always found this funny
pairing god's word and man's freewill
such a clever ploy for the sinners
the writers of the 'holy' books
for sinners might go to heaven if

its god's divine discretion
but you must not sin if you do
its your deviant divine freewill
and then for sure you're doomed
and forever must you pray

you should bow your head and say
dear lord, for all the spirits murdered
and blood shed in your name
"father, please forgive me for
I know not what I do."

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