Monday, December 2, 2013


Written on the hauntingly difficult word 'I' for Mr. Kamal Bhatnagar sirji for Seven Poem Saturday.
This poem is the reason it became a seven poem month :D

I have been given a trick
to write about I
about how I see I
From my own eye

I said "aye!
That can't be hard..."


well...lets start


tripy toed wanderer
clumsy crass slanderer
a wide eyed joker kid
boggled in the world she skid
the mad mad world

punju assed fatty
like the sunday aallu patty
sly but never catty
pampered but not bratty
or so I've heard

Scared of the dark
you'll see me walking in the park
with a song on my lips
and dirty nailed finger tips
the not so 'Dilli Walli'

I'm rude and I'm loud
and all of that is a shroud
to hide the buzzing crowd
that resides in my head
the baker and the bread

and this...this is not me
atleast not the one you see
the words unsaid, littered
inked on paper unfiltered
is me, thats how I choose to be

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