Thursday, April 8, 2010

I thought babies came from...

There are some days in life when I feel proud of myself for the extraordinary interest that I have in the conversations of total random strangers. I’ll roam around with my eager ears and catch some interesting snippet and then become an ardent hidden listener, like today for example, I was sitting in a café trying to study [bloody exams make me commit such sins]
When I heard a huge group of kiddos discussing what they used to think about how babies are born and it was…well…you tell me.
One of the girls said “I thought that at a particular age girls delivered babies & so the girl's parents married them off a few years before that age”
“And I used to think it was because of the sindoor the groom puts on the bride’s forehead.” Said a guy
“I used to think they had to take pills to make ‘em” said one bushy haired fellow no darling the pills are for NOT making them!!!
“I used to think that was why they exchanged garlands” said a skinny skimpy girl.
“Dude, that’s nothing, I used to think that it happened when the man accidentally spits on the wife” eeewwww and they burst out laughing. Now I wonder where the hell did he get THAT idea from???
“That whole dancing around the bush business in films made me think that that’s how a baby is made…u sing and dance with a girl…kiss her...and in the next scene… ‘babuji, Mubarak ho, aap dada banne vale ho!’ sheesh” said this kinda cute guy, he was too fair though.
“My younger sister…she has a strong notion that god creates babies just like that… to increase the population and sends them from heaven direct in the mothers lap” you really think god is that jobless??
“My neighbour’s son he thinks that the parents just go to the doc and he gets one out of his collection”…imagine…doctor sahib…ek ladki dikhaiye…nai nai ye toh bohot kali hai…lagna bhi toh chahiye hamari beti hai dusri vali dikhana acha piece na ho toh ladka dikha dena ladki kabhi aur le jaenge.
Well I personally used to think that there is a magic journey that couples make after their wedding to a place called Honey moon and because the place was magical it would appear at a different place for every couple. Now Honeymoon has trees and trees of babies and the couple just plucked a ripe one for themselves. Fancy huh…well the time aint far when kids will think they were downloaded from the net. Not that they’ll continue to believe that for long though!!