Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dance - you make me pretty

So after a month long break courtesy exams, I finally got to dance again today,

and it felt amazing, no other word just amazing in every sense of the word, the most overwhelming high. The kind of butterflies no guys has ever given me.

The sight of the stage - dizzying

The pain of the workouts - thrilling

The feel of the music seeping into your senses - drugging

The actual dancing - beyond words

dance you make me pretty. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Confused much?

Because its not that I've nothing to say, just that there are so many things ravishing my mind right now. So uhm..I guess I'll just sit and make a list.

1. New Sun sign? so apparently I'm a Gemini now, because of this freshly discovered sun sign that sounds like the name of a dinosaur. Whats the big deal anyway?

2. Whats with this sudden wave of casual dating going on? I mean when did "the proposal" with all its associated nervousness, butterflies, planning, rejected planning and re- planning and re-re-planning just become a casual sms no really sms? "lets date?" re: "yeah okay"/ "no, maybe next week"

*flabbergasted expression of a hopeless romantic*

3. Why is it that I cant afford enough onions to make this mughlai recipe I just read about? onions for god's sake!!!

4. My mum plans to find a guy for me in another two years. Some how I find that more convenient saves a lot of trouble searching, making arrangements to meet without your folks getting to know of it, then telling parents, waiting for approval.
But aunts talking about shaadi in that typical 'nudgy-giggly' tone is still equally annoying.
And that makes me a hopeless romantic who believes in arranged marriages.
To lazy to want to love?
Still scared of loving?
Or just plain bored?

5. Why am I turning into an insomniac all of a sudden?

6. Why aren't the radio shows now as good as they used to be a year ago?

7. Why do random strangers think that calling me 'cutie' and 'dear' and 'gawrgeous lady' will trick me into ignoring their horribly horny looking sad faces and make me add them?

8. Why is my room a mess? oh I know this one...because its 'my' room? but still messier than the messy it used to be before.

9. Why do I feel the way i feel and why do i not know what makes me so terrible inside?

10. Just because I'm single, why do people not believe it when I tell them I'm over my break-up? It ended long back, it DOESN'T hurt, I don't stalk his profile any more, I'M FINE people, I just don't date for the heck of it.
deal with it.

11. just why do parents feel taking away my lap top, slashing my pocket money, not letting me drive and curfews will have any effect on my grades whatsoever?

13. Why can't I have guava juice in January in a coffee mug without being questioned/laughed at/stared at?

14. why am I rallying about all of this to the world and not feeling embarrassed?