Sunday, February 21, 2010

Papa's princess


Yeah so, here I am,
Locked up in my room again,
Yeah so, here I am,
Thinking It's the end again

Broken down, I'm so weak,
Tears rolling down my cheek
Face cupped in my hand,
Pa, I need your magic wand,

Warm face twinkling eyes,
One tight hug will suffice,
Holding me, daddy says,
"Yes, I'll be there always"

Takes me to bed, tucks me in,
Papa's princess, yes you'll win
Kisses me on my forehead,
Now I see the road ahead.

Atta girl! Way to go!
There is always hope you know
There's nothing like a bitter end,
And it's never to late to mend

So I doze in daddy's arms,
Feels so safe, feels so warm
So I'll start afresh tomorrow,
Aint no fear, aint no sorrow

Come sunshine and you'll see
The daddy’s girl I'd rather be,
Here in bed, tucked safe in
Papa's princess yes you'll win!!