Saturday, June 4, 2011

sense and sensibility

This does not make sense...neither does that...its all nonsense...

What is non sense?

this... all this

no, I mean how do you define it?

what do you mean how do you define it? non sense is non sense

yeah but what if your non sense makes sense to me?
non-sense isn't all that bad after all

Friday, June 3, 2011

2 and fro

Feat(just coz you said so): Mrinal Bisht

"woke up drenched in sweat and fear
re-did her eyes wiped a tear
grabbed her shawl and stole the key
escaping to where she wanted to be

woke up dead in tears
re-did his bed, wiped up his fear..
grabbed his coat, and locked the door.
how much she missed him, he missed her much more.

walking on a road bereft of light
soon she found her feet taking flight
she had to get to him couldn't think straight
she didn't have to sign just yet, it could wait

as much as he thought he was winning
her memories inside him were killing..
and when he thought his feet were taking flight
he didn't realize he was heading back to their special night .. .

often during the day, his smell would meet her
and she would wonder what would be if they were
just a little more than what they had become
it would've still been one, the place called home

and even today they still wake up dead in tears
re-do their bed, and wipe their fear..
but now, she gives him his coat like a romantic wife
and there is love again back together in their life.. ..