Thursday, May 26, 2011


DATE: Twentieth May 2011
DAY: Friday

Listen, Where are you? are you there? do you even care? are you alone like I am?
or do you have some one you think you love? don't hold on to her too long
because I'm the one for you,its hard to be strong,but I've no other option but to wait for you right?
It's tough though you should know that, I'm almost twenty,and I spent my 19th valentines alone
were you alone too?
how old are you?
where were you born?
what school did you go to?
are you a university graduate from Delhi?
you are the missing piece of my puzzle, god knows when will I ever find you
how many guys will i have to date before we finally meet?
I'm actually trouble shooting can you believe that?
will you love me just the way I am?
Because I will...will you come see my dance rehearsal? I hope you like to dance...that will be so nice.
will you let me make maggie for dinner when I'm tired? I promise I will make up for it the next day with a super awesome dinner. I wonder what you're doing this time, are you sleeping? are you facebooking? do you have exams too? will you make fun of me when you read this after many years? Do I ask too many questions? Will you buy me flowers? and take me to Italy when we afford it? and The Bahamas and Egypt too? you don't have to though I'm just telling you as much as I know about myself. I can be really stupid sometimes, will you forgive me for that?
and oh when I say m really sorry and try to hold your hand when we fight, don't shirk me off please, because when I do that it means I've thought of not doing it a ten thousand times, and if you shirk me off once, I might never do it again for the fear of you shirking me again and then we'll keep fighting for ever. Do I even make sense?
I might meet you any day right? Mom thinks she is going to find you out for me... I don't know if that's true I don't want it to be...she will win then, and that will make me feel that you would not have fallen in love with me had it not been for mom to find you out, as in on my own I could not have made you fall in love with me. Will you love me? or will it be like a formal arranged thing? I don't like how that sounds.
Never mind, I'm going to sleep I have my popular fiction exam tomorrow. bye


  1. love this stuff.
    you haven't read this yet have you?

  2. matalb kutton vala co-incidence?
    thanks re :D

  3. hahahahaha dipalie.....plzzz dnt tell me u wrote contradicts wid all ur beliefs... :P :P ... :O u r softening girl :P :P

  4. @abhinav...chuck just a phase i guess. haan m still the 'new girl species' so chuck it. :/

  5. I love this. It's the sweetest thing I've read in a very, very long time.

  6. @Isha- thank you so much!! you say that quiet often on my blog :D "the sweetest thing I've read in a long time"
    "the funniest thing I've read in a long time"
    B-) I are happy with myself. :)

  7. AHAHAHAH this is soo cute mannnn
    i was actually smiling while reading :)

  8. Your posts make me smile. This smile> :')

  9. @peachyyy... :) thank you
    @stolen halo (favorite name) m glad *cheek to cheek smile* :D