Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shove it bully

I was just taking a walk in our society park when this really shy girl from 4th floor came from her coaching class, red cheeks watery eyes and all. So i waved at her, but she just called the lift and went home. i plugged on my i-pod and started walking again, i generally choose the stairs so while going back home i saw her sitting on the stairs,crying. Awkward as i am around wailing strangers, i thought i'd just creep back and use the lift instead
"why do they do this to me all the time?" she said suddenly and i realized my presence hadn't gone unnoticed. So i sat beside her and asked her in a calm soothing tone (i think) "who? what do they do?"
" These girls from class,they always push me around, making fun of my braces, poking me, calling me all sorts of 'fat names' i always help all of them with homework hoping they'd like me but... *choke* *sob* *choke* they don't ever play with me except hide and seek and then they hide and i can never find them...*choke* they never eat with me or call me for sleepovers... *choke over load threat* so i tried to calm her down by asking her if we could be friends. To which she replied with a 'braces special smile' and an enthusiastic nod of the head. So i invited her for a sleepover at my place, i asked her what theme would she like for our little sleepover and she said 'disney' so i said
"great then, get some disney pajamas and meet me at my place at eight" i called her mom and asked for permission. i went home fished out my own mickey mouse t-shirt (yes i have one and a winnie pooh wallet too) went to the market and got some balloons and a small disney chocolate box. We played the whole night, thumb painting, ludo, video games, then make-up man, balloon puppets, little baker what not. While tucking her in bed i told her "people who make you do their homework and then bully you around are never your friends"
"who are friends then?" she asked
after some thought i said "people who make you smile when you're crying"
"that means you" she said and hugged me (my turn to choke, i swallowed) and said
"yes, and from now on just remember one thing a bully only needs a bigger bully, i want you to go to school tomorrow and let them know they can't kick you around like that anymore, you're a strong girl and will fight back"
"yes i will" she said with that indignant face only an eleven year old can make.
"now go to sleep" i said, smiling.

The Girl you just called fat?
She has been starving herself & has lost over 30lbs.
The Boy you just called stupid?
He has a learning disability & studies over 4hrs a night.
The Girl you just called ugly?
She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.
The Boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home.

There's a lot more to people than you think.

and moreover...what makes you think you're any authority to laugh at someone else anyway?

P.S. You should see her now, she never cries and we often play baddy in the park, she even has a boyfriend "sshssshhhh pinky secret, don't tell mum". :) :)


  1. Loved it...Nice touch in the last statement.. :)

  2. yeah dts d dipalie touch in the lines

  3. she has boyfriend now... DARN.
    what i used to do is i used to laugh on those people in front of them that too very loudly. i srsly enjoy those times when people try to bully me.
    once this guy in my class said "muje exam mein help nahi karega to sabko bata dunga tuje class ki kaun si ladhki pasand hai..."
    and i laughed. i laughed aloud. i used to find bully guys very innocent; they expect so much from life and from you.
    they are decietively docile.
    PS: u have a winny pooh wallet. srsly??

  4. rashmi ramchandaniApril 1, 2011 at 12:06 PM

    let us divide the comment in two parts:
    1. people who like to be bullied: they are not our is very rare that such a kindaf people are found. what is more obvious is the fact that they get accustomed to be bullied by someone n hence after a spell of time it becomes a habit n they become indifferent to it. hardly, rarely does it happen that somebdy really enjoys the process.
    2. the second category of people,most of them, really get hurt like your little girl. and i find it ruthless to have fun at the expense of others hurt.n i hate such monsters.
    p.s: the write up is thought provoking as u cn make out frm the length of the comment.n thanks for maing me think abt something which sometimes goes unnoticed.:) good wrk.

  5. They often say bullies are the biggest cowards.
    Maybe they're right.

    P.S.- I have a Mickey Mouse t-shirt too. :D

  6. @abhinav thank youuu :)
    @vicky...what is that supposed to mean?
    @sidhant honestly, you seem to be more of a bully than a victim :D :D :P on a serious note, that's a great way to 'shove it' only many kids don't realize what wimps bullies actually are.
    @rashmi: refer to the facebook comment on my note :D
    @Isha: they are absolutely right, i pity bullies sometimes.
    p.s: i know right? it's so cool. -_-

  7. EEEEE!
    This is like the cutest post I've read! :D

  8. EEEEE! ( i do that a LOT)
    thank youuuu -_-

  9. Man, are you sweet or what? I was bullied in high school too. I mean, not physically but just the usual emotional torture. God knows why I hate them, Bombay Scottish boys. ;)
    Anyway, like they say, for several years in High School everyone tries SO hard to fit in. To be one with the cool crowd. And then suddenly one day they decide to be different, almost overnight they want to be weird.
    It's so true.

  10. :) :)
    I was the ugly duckling all through school and i never quiet knew why, it was only when i stopped bothering myself only when i stopped trying to find out why they wont play with me that i met this girl who became my best friend and after all these years she still meets me every morning in the mirror brushing her teeth. :D :D and then everybody wanted to be my friend (almost) or at least wanted to sit with me at lunch break. It happened when i stopped trying to be them and let myself be me. It was so simple, yet it took me almost ten years to figure it out. :)

  11. Eyes wide open!!! I thought of this a day before...People tried to bully cz I was different and soft. But it ended the day I stood up and fought back and never ever gave up. Had been an asthmatic lean guy who missed half the classes, got beaten up often , professors refused to teach me photography, was refused at gym, soft target for long. But life changed it when I accepted it. Its all in the heart than what it looks like. If someone says you cannot paint then you must paint at any cost