Tuesday, March 29, 2011

from the inside

A blank canvas is what i am
and no paint stays for long
happens a splash and colors
but is washed off before it dries
i scare the mirror these days
what am i going to be?
the faith has gone
the shine has frosted
the bubbling energy of youth
has somewhat lost it's fizz
a little too soon
she says I'm going to make
a woman of myself
my head bows down a little more
under the sky of expectations
i'd rather not disappoint
a blank canvas i'm only that
just hope the color stays long enough
this time.


  1. rashmi ramchandani :)March 29, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    i hope too..:)but i love your writings for one very simple reason-they touch..:)

  2. @rashmi: m just so glad you understand my writings so well :) thank you

  3. Nice one...now u seem to be leavin ur teen age :)
    Excellent timing

  4. I like it.. but teen years have ended *crying-howling* I can be dramatic, you know. :/

  5. @abhinav: yeah i think so too. :) thank you

    @ stolen halo: thank you, and i know what you feel. :/

  6. You just dont write dont you ?? You just release . . .