Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Will Sleep At Dawn

Into the night her sleep wandered,
In forests made of ink and paper, 
She held on tight to the light that shimmered, 
From the bed side of her lamp,

And sleep was her favourite friend, 
For it understood the silence, 
The silence that her yellowed books 
Embroidered on her soul,

 She urged the moon to shine forever, 
The dirty lanes of the city became idyllic in the street light, 
The moon sighed for he had to bid good bye 
For his beautiful borrowed light, 

Had a debt to repay to the sun, 
And so she waited an endless day 
For her beloved moon to return, 
And sleep oh lovely sleep was forever her only friend 

For sleep oh lovely sleep didn't come 
Till the moon's shift would end 
And she would keep her dog eared book aside 

Only for a moment 
to catch the amber sun 
bleeding into the sky

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